WW check in #12 – Stress (not) eating

I suppose I’m lucky (??) in a way because I’m not typically a stress eater. Ever since a particularly bad conference season at the travel agency when the stress, coffee and Advil left too many upset stomachs and the beginning of an ulcer, being stressed out leaves me with a distaste for food.

A lot of people have comfort foods, foods that make them feel better when things get rough or they’re upset. Some reach for sweets, some reach for salty and others have their own fix. I don’t really, though. I basically pick my “comfort” food based on how it will feel being barfed back up.

Awesome right?

Eating becomes slightly more complicated because when I’m stressed out I’m just not all that hungry. (Personally, I think it goes back to fight or flight response.) BUT! Even if I’m not hungry, when I don’t eat, I get wicked cranky, bitchy and feel more stress so I try to force myself to eat every few hours.  You might see how this isn’t fun.

I’ve been better though. I can eat yogurt, fruits, drink milk or smoothies etc. We’ll see how this week and the stress with it goes…

Are you a stress eater? What’s your stressed out, must have it food?



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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