WTF – Designer Doggies?

20120809_134530When I was in Saratoga last week I walked from the top of the hill to the pick up spot so I could pop in a few stores. One of the stores was a High End pet store and this was one of the displays in the window.

How much is that doggie pillow in the window…

While I think they’re cute and a novel idea, I couldn’t help but think about how over the top things have gotten for pets.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have one and don’t particularly want one, but I don’t get spending that much money on toys and what not.

(I should note that I didn’t go in to get a look at the price tag, but how much would you be willing to spend on those? I found similar ones on Amazon starting at about $15, but seeing that I was in Saratoga, I’m guessing the price was between 1.5 and 2 times more than that.)

419657_10100274883543132_333272557_nIt reminded me of the dog store in Wellington, FL that we stopped in after sushi one night. You might have seen the photo on facebook, but if you didn’t here’s the photo of the Puppy in the Crib. (They had about a dozen of these cribs set up with puppies for sale in them.)

This puppy in a crib store (that yes, I’m too lazy to Google) had a wall filled with designer doggie wear. Not even joke labels. Actual designer labels for your dog.

I was too afraid to look at the prices. I might have gotten too upset.

I understand that I was in a really affluent section of the Palm Beach area and that many of the people that live in that area have more money than I ever could dream of having. I understand that people see their pets as part of the family and as such spoil the bejesus out of them.

Pets aren’t’ people though. They generally shouldn’t wear clothes. The only exception to this is coats and maybe boots for dogs to go outside in the cold ass winters that hit many parts of the country…but a bathing suit or a cheerleading uniform? Totally not necessary.

Look, if you have the money to spend on such things and that’s how you want to spend your money, go for it. I just think it’s weird.


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4 Responses to WTF – Designer Doggies?

  1. piratejeni says:

    I hear ya.. but there are people who will spend the money.. I’ve been known to cave to a cute toy or two, but they are so much fluff in 20 minutes that I usually stick to empty soda bottles and cardboard egg cartons filled with treats.

  2. Sue says:

    I have cats, which are totally different. They don’t need clothes, because they don’t go outside. They don’t need toys because they’d prefer to either be left alone, or play with a ball of tin foil.

    My guess on the puppies in the crib is that it’s a way of a dog-owner getting around the guilt many feel when crate-training their puppy. The crib is like a crate, but it looks more comfy and cozy than most pet crates.

    If that’s the case, I can almost – I said almost – see it. If your dog is large enough, a used crib would actually be less expensive. But, if that’s what you’re doing, then just like a human baby, the crib should be temporary. Crating a full-size dog is (in my opinion) just cruel. Not to mention, depending on the breed, the crib might not bear the weight, or the dog could manage to jump/climb out, and get injured.

    As for the designer pillows…I got nothin’.

  3. Dogs in cribs? ohhhhh geez! It’s as if people have forgotten that dogs are ANIMALS and want to roll around in mud and chase squirrels. haha. The delusions of our culture 🙂

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