Thursday in three parts


So I’m on my way to Saratoga for a staff outing. That there is my excited face and I’m blogging from my phone.  The itinerary includes a bus tour of Saratoga-where I’ve been coming for 30 years-, lunch at Longfellows -Which I haven’t been previously impressed by-, and either museums I’ve already been to or walking around downtown with my still sore shins.

Should be fun, right? I’m determined to make it so.

I’ve already taken Advil and wine us frowned upon.

I’ll check in throughout the day and def tweet my thoughts as we go. I have to go, the Charlie and Dave Show is about to begin…

Check back.


So I’m back. Charlie and Dave are funny and I’ve been taking notes and tweeting. We stopped at one of the springs for a taste test.


It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever sipped on or shot back, but it was pretty terrible.

Spring water had a lot of healing properties so people would come for that and then drink booze all night. The question was asked if they could mix the two. The answer is no because of something called flocculation. I like that word.

I’m also hungry. I hope lunch is soon.

A few things I’ve learned today:
-Adirondack means bark eater
-Saratoga was the Disney of the 1800s.
-The Saratoga Track has been in the same place and general design since 1864. Sports Illustrated named it one of the top ten sports establishments in the country.
-The Riggi family made their money in turbines and have a bowling alley in their house. They also have a ridiculous family portrait done each year.

Time for lunch I think. Let’s hope its more impressive than last time…


So really, I’m finishing this Friday morning because well, I got home and fell asleep.

Back to lunch yesterday…

Longfellows is a pretty nice looking place, but I’ve yet to be impressed with the food. Don’t get me wrong, the meatballs and sauce were decent, but the veggies were swimming in butter and the mousse for dessert was a little off.

After lunch they started dropping people off at different places like the National Museum of Dance (been there) the Saratoga Automobile Museum (done that) and the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company (feel weird drinking at work functions) so my option left was to go shopping downtown and walk around. Right.

I brought a book and had planned to sit on a bench and read it, but the bus driver dropped us off at the top of the hill so I had to walk down it anyway to be picked back up. I stopped at a couple of shops and ended up finding a fascinator for the wedding (Go me!)and wandered down the hill to the pick up spot.

After the driver was 20 min late picking us up we got back on the bus, picked up the last group and headed back to the office.

Over all I can say that I’d rather have stayed at the office or home, but since I was pressured into going by the HR guy, it was what it was and although I’m paying for it in my shins today, it could have been worse.

Were there fun points? Yes. Were there enough good points to warrant going? Meh. I suppose. It’s only once a year right? And unlike one year, the bus didn’t break down anywhere on a back road between here and Cooperstown so there’s that.


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3 Responses to Thursday in three parts

  1. Sue says:

    Oh, you went…. Well, at least you’ve found a way to enterain yourself – and the rest of us.

  2. Sorry you didn’t have the best time – but at least you didn’t have the worst time!

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