WW check in #11 – And so it goes…

Last week when I checked in, I was stuck and I set some goals for myself. Here’s how I did:

  • Do this workout again (stretch to do it 1 1/2 times for a 45 min total) – CHECK incorporated it into a 3.1 mile run
  • Try Tabata Thursday from here. I don’t know if this is the one I’ll do, but something like it. No, but I did incorporate some of the moves into the extended run!
  • Swim 2500 yards (stretch 3000 yds) – 2,800 yards and an additional 600 on the kickboard.
  • Run 11 miles (stretch 14 miles – including a 5 mile on Saturday- Yikes!) – Sadly, no. See below.
  • Bring back the daily Office Dance Party.  Or two. – CHECK – Some days I even got 2

I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t hit the running goal.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to as of Friday. Monday I felt like crap and was exhausted so I came home from work and slept. Tuesday, I went to spend time with a dear friend of mine and one of her munchkins. Hugs, hard cider, chats and baby giggles and snuggles make for a happy me. Wednesday I hit the pool deck running right after my desk job and don’t get to run. I did get a good swim in though. Thursday I ran 3.1 and figured I could get 7 miles in over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then, Mom called to see if I wanted to go shoe shopping Friday after work.

I was going to turn her down, but it really meant a lot to her and my G-d Mother so I said ok. I’m glad it did. It was a quick trip and we managed to find me wedding shoes.

(They’re red.)

I had to wrap my head around the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete my run distance this week though, that without some serious pushing, I’d miss my target. I thought maybe I could do it though…I mean I did 3.1 on Thursday, maybe I could do 3.5 two days in a row?

Saturday, though, I left my running shoes at home. I was so mad when I realized it that I almost went to the store and bought a new pair. I have three pairs though and decided it would be a little ridiculous and a waste of money. I did swim though and it was good.

Sunday I made sure I had my shoes, my suit and goggles and went to the gym. I realized my shin was a little sore and told myself I’d run 2 miles and see how it felt.  I made it through the 2 miles in a semi respectable time and a shin that hurt even more.


I don’t know what the next few weeks will bring on the running front. I went to Dr. Google and it seems to think I either have shin splints or a stress fracture. (I’m not doing a whole lot of long distance, but there is some considerable weight on the bone still. I’m working on that too.) I know that I can walk without much pain, twinges, not throbs, (4 out of 10) but I do know when I stomped in protest of Walmart not having specifically what I wanted it went to about a 6-7 on the pain scale.

Tomorrow I’m going to try for another 2 miles. I can’t set any running goals right now because I know I’ll beat myself up about it if I can’t get it done. I’m going to go for 3,500 yards in the pool though.

That I should be able to do.



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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to WW check in #11 – And so it goes…

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  2. ashallann says:

    I want to see these red wedding shoes!

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