WW check in #10 – I’m stuck

Last time I checked in I talked about how I was stalled out on the scaled but that I had something far down the road that I was thinking of doing.

I’m still stalled on the scale, but it’s ok. Yes, I’d like to drop that number a whole heck of a lot more, but I am trying not to worry about it too much today. I mean I’m doing something right that my formerly “skinny pants” are the ones that fit now, right? That wasn’t even the case two weeks ago.20120712_211524 (In fact, the yoga pants in this pic? They’re my new ones cause the old ones won’t stay put.)

I’m not looking at measurements and I’m going to try to stay off the scale this week. It’s the start to Whoremone Week and that’s not fair to my psyche. Maybe I’ll worry about the number next week or the week after…

What I am going to try this week is setting some workout goals for myself this week and see what happens. Can’t hurt, right? (These are my goals, injury or illness not happening.)

  • Do this workout again (stretch to do it 1 1/2 times for a 45 min total)
  • Try Tabata Thursday from here. I don’t know if this is the one I’ll do, but something like it.
  • Swim 2500 yards (stretch 3000 yds)
  • Run 11 miles (stretch 14 miles – including a 5 mile on Saturday- Yikes!)
  • Bring back the daily Office Dance Party.  Or two.

It seems like a lot, but you know what? I have been falling asleep before 1 am on the days I really push it and I might hurt, but the sleep is decent.  Also, I want to get ready for this run and eat donuts after it.

Do you have any goals (fitness, activity or otherwise) that you’re working towards? Care to join me for the Dunkin Donuts Run?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to WW check in #10 – I’m stuck

  1. Sue says:

    I have to get to the gym Monday, Tuesday and probably Friday. Wednesday and Thursday are too busy. I also have to be diligent in my calorie tracking every day this week. I put on a few pounds on vacation, and need to get back on track. Shhhh….

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