Guest Post – Voice of Reason: Clothes

Last time Voice of Reason checked in, she talked about adjustments she was making in her exercise activities to better fit her personal preferences. Well she’s made some adjustments to her physical activity and they’re helping (I think.) Today she wants to talk about clothes.

My wardrobe has never been awesome. It basically contained the basics that I need to survive a year in my life. I never have to switch out summer / winter clothes to make room. I always had enough room in my closet and/or dresser. In fact, at any given moment, you can find several clothes that I simply do not wear because they don’t fit. With a limited collection, that really shouldn’t be the case.

When losing weight, the balance of my clothes becomes off kilter… and perhaps a little more stressful. Don’t get me wrong… it is extremely nice to see that a once tight shirt or pants is now hangs loose on me now. Another sign of the weight loss progress is always welcomed.

However, when one doesn’t have the extra funds, it becomes “stressful” to wear these now baggy clothes. You’ve spent so much energy to get in a healthy shape that you simply do not want to spend even more energy on figuring out the clothes aspect.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of shopping. Never have been. You can ask BakingSuit for confirmation if you wish. (Broke that stereotype mold for you… not all girls like to shop. Sorry about that. ) To be honest, the fact that my family has been struggling for a few years because of major employment shake up at the beginning of the economy breakdown, has only cemented the fact I do not like shopping.

What to do now? For example, my shorts are baggy. I almost “pants” myself yesterday at a birthday party because I had my cell phone in my pocket of my baggy shorts. (In hindsight, I suppose I should have worn better looking underwear than some comfortable pair of white granny panties.) If I had extra cash for clothes, it would most certainly be spent on work clothes (dress pants in particular) and/or a new bra or two. Besides, summer is about half way through… why waste current money now on a season that will be over soon?

Am I doing myself and my weight loss goal a disservice by not investing more (whether time or money) in my wardrobe for the current season?

Weight Update: I had a couple of weeks of basically no movement on the scale. I am happy to report that I lost a total of 3 pounds this past Weight Watchers weigh-in (this past Wednesday). That brings my weight to 167.2. That is only a couple of pounds away from what I weighed when I found out that I was pregnant (back in 2007). That makes the total weight loss at 28.8 lbs. I’m still trying to hit my 2nd 10% goal (37 lbs) or my slightly stretch goal (40 lbs) by Labor Day. I think I am still in good footing to achieve those goals.

Exercise Update: Admittedly, I was a little disappointed to find that my 45 minutes on the treadmill (4 mph walk) went from 4 activity points down to 3. Or that my almost daily walk to the bank for my job will soon be worth 0 points. I will need to step up my exercise / activities soon to keep up with my activity goal. Not looking forward to that.

First of all, GREAT JOB! I haven’t seen movement on the scale in weeks so this 3lbs is awesome!

Is she doing herself a disservice by not investing a little more in her wardrobe? I don’t know if she is, but I can say from personal experience that when I feel pretty, it puts a little extra spring in my step and helps my mind set for the day. And most times, knowing I’m closer to wearing a particular pair of pants makes me not want the cookie I have my eye on quite as much.

While I can’t offer her my slacks (I’m a little taller than she is) I can offer a shop that D’Lovely took me to the other day, FiFi’s (a consignments shop locally) where everything I saw was in great shape and at a great price. I understand there are several more in the area and she already knows I can shop a sale like no other 😉

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2 Responses to Guest Post – Voice of Reason: Clothes

  1. I’m also a huge believer and advocate for second hand shopping (much of which can be done at Goodwill). There is NO shame in second hand shopping, and a lot of times you can find really great stuff for a fraction of the price you would pay at retail. I personally love hunting for “gems” among the racks, and have found most (pretty much ALL) of my pregnancy clothes at second hand stores.
    If you are absolutely NOT into the idea of second hand shopping, you might want to make buying yourself a nice new pair of jeans, or a new top, a reward for a certain weight loss goal. That way you’ll have extra incentive to make your goal, but you aren’t giving yourself the “ok” to spend a boatload of cash on new clothes. And noone says you have to set foot in a mall or store these days in order to shop. Do it online (I encourage you to waste time at work doing this, because as much as you hate shopping, you probably hate it less than doing work :)!
    I love you both, and am so proud of your treating yourselves like the beautiful people you are,

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