Friday Five

I’m writing this late Thursday night on my phone because I didn’t bring my tablet. Or toothbrush, but that’s only relevant because it was another example of failure in my day.

There were many ways that I could consider myself a failure today, but I’m putting those less than successful moments in a different frame and seeing how I was successful.

1) I didn’t throw up from my migraine between Bainbridge and Ithaca. It was tempting!

2) I managed a decent swim even though it wasn’t as long as I wanted. Teenaged kids be damned, I swam around them. It was sort of like swimming in open water, but you know, inside.

3) I didn’t cry when I heard some potentially scary news. Without getting into it, I maintained well, called Mom, let her know and went for a swim instead of having a break down.  Go me. I can fall apart on Monday, I’m too busy til then.

4) I had a quiet night in and relaxed rather than wandering around the city and shopping. Even though there’s a yarn shop nearby. And shoes. And a nail salon.

5) I caught up with DevL and he filled me in on what section of the  DSM IV he’s currently dating. (this wasn’t a reframe, it was just nice.)

What have you reframed lately?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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