Sometimes success is not punching someone in the face

Last weekend I gathered up some girls and Momma and headed to the mall in hopes of finding something to wear to the Party with a Judge. I wasn’t overly hopeful that I would find something I liked, but I was open minded. I also knew I had a dress in my closet that would be JUST FINE to wear and bonus, I love it.

(Can you tell I’m not into being a bride so much? Sure I want to wear a dress and get some new fabulous shoes, but for me, this day is about making a promise to the guy I like in front of my family and those I have chosen to be my family. And I’m mostly doing it because I know it will break a few hearts if they don’t get to be there for it, which is my choice.)

Anyway. There’s a whole lot of ugly out there and many dresses are cut for ladies without a larger set of girls. I’m used to this.  I actually wear a whole size smaller dress if the top allows for it.

Macy’s although promising online, had little that fit in the store. Penny’s had a little more but again with the top fitting! Ugh.  (I did find a great work dress though which was exciting.) Options at the mall itself exhausted, we headed to D@vid’s Bridal.

I don’t want a gown. I don’t really want white. I want a pretty dress that wouldn’t be too hot. Sounds simple, right? Sure. Right.


Here’s the thing, I have several dresses in my closet right now that I purchased there before for other events. I walked in, tried on some stuff, picked one out and left. That part was easy! I thought maybe I’d find something there that day.

When we went in, they sort of greeted us and asked if they could help and if we had an appointment – I felt like they were put out by us being there. I told them I was getting married in August and just wanted to poke around and try some stuff on.  She sort of put out tone, she rudely said, “First of all, congratulations, feel free to poke around and WHEN you have questions come get a consultant.”

Uh. Thanks? I’m good. (I actually thought about saying something about already having 3 of their dresses in my closet, but thought better of it, figuring it would come out snotty after her “welcome”.)

We found some dresses, some were to be tried on for color, some to be tried on for the dress itself. There were a few of the staff milling around, making comments on others. I figured they’d comment on me too, whatever. I had little use for them because I brought people who I trusted for their opinions.

The first few were fun, a silver one that was adorable, a green one that was too big but I loved and a few others. There was a light blue strapless number that was sort of deceptive in it’s cut. It looked like it was an A line while on the hanger, but really it was for a long waisted person without hips. If you’ve met me, you know that I’m pretty  much a classic hourglass figure with a hell of a set of shoulders and hips.

I came out of the dressing room to ask my advisers about the color. We all agreed that it was too pale and the seamstress girl quipped that I should go up a size. Well as it turns out, the chest of the dress was barely staying up as it was so I wouldn’t be needing a bigger size there. Yes, it looked a little weird on me, tight across the top of the hips, but it wasn’t a cut for me. No biggie. I’m used to that.

That’s when I almost lost it with her. See, when she told me I should go up a size, I said that the top was actually too big. She then countered with that I looked “stuffed” into  the dress and REALLY should go up a size.

I’ll let that set in. Yes she really said that. An employee of the store said I looked “stuffed” into the dress. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t you think you want to complement the people shopping in your store? Maybe I’m just silly.

I realize that she’s one of the alteration girls and that they make more money on that stuff, but I almost lost it. I get that a lot of other women would have likely succumbed to that pressure and gone along with it and paid out the ass in alterations. I’m so glad I’m not one of those women.

I was ready to lash out. I was ready to go off on her. How dare she say such a thing?! And as an employee! I’m pretty sure I saw red. I clenched my fists, set my shoulders and turned around to take the dress off. I had a few dresses left to try on, but I was ready to leave. I did try two more on just to see, but I was done after her remark.

I got a feel for the other two dresses, I put them back on the return thing and went to get a beer. I earned it.

The day might not have been successful in netting me a dress for the Picnic with a Judge, but I was successful in that I didn’t punch the girl in the face. (Verbally or otherwise.)


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5 Responses to Sometimes success is not punching someone in the face

  1. Sue says:

    I’ve always found staff in shops like that to be terribly rude. A shame, really, cause it ruins what should, for many, be the best shopping experience of their life. You know how I cherish my shopping experiences.

  2. Ally says:

    Does anyone have a good experience at that place? I nearly socked a consultant when I went with one of my best friends to pick out her wedding dress (I was maid of honor) at David’s, because the consultant was picking at her for being “oddly shaped”. I feel like employees at those shops could benefit from some serious sensitivity training.

  3. WrigsMac says:

    What. the. hell. I can’t believe how many judgy pricks there are in retail. For the record, if you end up getting something that needs altering, the seamstress at Circles in Stuyvesant Plaza is awesome. I just had a simple bridesmaids dress that I wore in my own wedding last year and she did wonders with it for less than $30 & in a short amount of time. If you call the store just tell them you want to make an appointment with their seamstress and they’ll hook you up.

  4. Taudrey says:

    Or try Circles for the dress too. They have some cool stuff.

  5. Elenice says:

    i became a regular follower of your blog. thanks for all the good info.

    Edited to add: You’re welcome spam bot

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