Guest Post – Voice of Reason: Adjustments

The Voice of Reason is back today! *Applause* Please welcome her. Last time she was here, she talked about getting back on track and it seems she has. GO VOICE OF REASON!! But she’s also discovered something about herself and has seemingly made changes accordingly.

I’m afraid that I kind of gave up on the Couch to 5K program … for now. I made it to Week 4 WO 2. I felt so sick to my stomach after that workout. Yet, I persevered to the next workout two days later. I simply couldn’t do it. I was so disappointed with myself. Yes, I know there was a big jump as far as the jogging portion of the workout between Week 3 and Week 4. However, I did not expect to this brick wall.

To be honest with you, I was not enjoying the program. I haven’t been for a while now. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though. I mean… I never really enjoyed structured exercises so that wasn’t anything new. The only thing I liked afterwards is the increase in activity points that I can use on my Weight Watchers point plan. I also enjoy the small subtle changes to my physical attributes.

So, what do I do now? I still would like to get into shape so I can participate in some of the 5K charity runs around the area. So, I didn’t throw out the plan altogether. Right now, I decided to walk (4 mph) on the treadmill for 3 miles. Once, I get that nailed down. I will start interspersing jogging into workout. Hopefully, I will achieve my goal without physically making myself sick. It is too hard to keep motivated to exercise that I simply will not allow myself have to deal with nausea too.
I also need to start adding some other workout into my regimen. BakingSuit suggested some yoga that she found on the free OnDemand that our local cable provider offers. I have never done yoga so I might check it out. I’m not really the most flexible person so perhaps it can help me out. The summer has proven it will be a hot one. We were able to get our pool up and running so I know I plan to spend some time out there enjoying it.

Are there some other exercises that you recommend?

Weight update: I am happy to report that I did lose the rest of the pounds that I gained over the Memorial Day weekend/vacation. As of last Wednesday, I weighed in at 169.4 lbs. That brings my overall weight loss to 26.6 lbs.

Things to watch out for this week: With the Summer, the BBQ foods are coming out. I love me some BBQ… especially those fat laden salads like potato salad. Normally, I consider Wednesday night being my “free” night after weighing in. It is kind of silly for I know in my mind that it is not really a “free” night. However, I do look forward to not having a meal that I have to figure out the points to. Because of the holiday this week, I will be weighing in on Tuesday night. I didn’t want to go the whole two weeks without “checking in” at the scale. I just need to make sure to keep myself in check and don’t consider the whole day Wednesday to be a free day!

First of all, GOOD JOB! I applaud you for making it so far in the plan and really, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. You’ve decided to try something else and that’s what matters.

Now, I was fortunate to get to spend some time with Voice of Reason this past weekend (and get to again on Wednesday this week – Who’s a lucky duck? ME!) and I can tell you she’s looking fantastic.

As for exercise, one of my favorite ones (still) is having a dance party, turn on some of the best dance music you’ve got and bust a move. The trick is that you have to go all out…trust me, after two songs of all out grooving and shaking, you’ll have worked up a sweat! I used to do 10 songs. It’s what? 30-40 minutes of cardio. Try it.

Others ones I love involve the pool. Aqua aerobics! Aqua jogging! Swimming laps! Seriously, this is fantastic for beginners and for people who want to move more but need less of an impact. A good swim is awesome and there’s my favorite added bonus of you don’t feel the sweat (which personally, I hate). Water also provides about 1000 times the resistance as air. (I read somewhere once upon a time but can not find now so don’t quote me, it’s about 12 lbs per square inch.) Regardless of how you slice it, that’s a whole LOT of resistance.

What’s your favorite exercise?


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3 Responses to Guest Post – Voice of Reason: Adjustments

  1. Sue says:

    Way to go, Voice of Reason!

    I’m terrible at offering exercise suggestions. Walking has always been my go-to exercise. I recently saw a zumba demonstration, and that looks like such fun. More like a dance party than anything else.

  2. Aliciane says:

    thanks for sharing…

    Edited to add: You’re welcome spam bot

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