So long June, it was fun!

So June is done. (If you didn’t know that it’s July now and the year is officially half over). Don’t panic. It’s ok, you still have 6 months to get those New Years Resolutions or Challenges taken care of.

I was ambitious for June, let’s see how I did.

  1. I’m going to do this June Yoga Challenge from Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  If you want to check it out feel free. You get to have a pretty badge if you want for your blog. Her challenge to herself seems pretty reasonable 3 yoga sessions a week of any length. I can manage that.  I can certainly do 10 min of yoga after a run.
    – Eh, I did ok with this. I clearly didn’t do 3 every week, but I did more than I did ever before so that’s small progress.
  2. Run. I’m shooting for 40 miles but if I hit 30 I’ll call it a success. (I’ll check in each week to let you know how this and yoga went.)
    – I’ve run more in the month of June than I have run in any month since high-school. It was about half of what I wanted to do, but I was forced to rest on days I didn’t want to. Silly shin splints and hip flexor issues. I’m pleased with myself and am encouraged for this month.
  3. Continue to track track track the food I eat and make better decisions about it than the last couple of weeks, more veggies, less carbs etc. There is NO reason I shouldn’t be able to lose at least 1 lb if not 2lbs a week. Get to it! (I’m tempted to assign a number value here, but will be seriously sad if I don’t make it.)
    – I have some thoughts about this. I did ok with this…not great though. The first part of the month was good, but I lost steam and got frustrated. I ended the month taking a break from tracking and I actually feel better about it today.
  4. Deep clean kitchen and bathroom.
    – They’re cleanish, deep clean? No.
  5. Call Nanny and Pop
    – I went to see them. That was harder than I thought, but it was good to see them and to see what’s going on first hand.
  6. General apt stuff: Stay on top of the general clutter; hang shelf pockets (I’ve been meaning to do this for a year now…)
    – Shelf pockets hung,
  7. Make Limoncello and start experimenting with cupcakes,
    – I have a better idea of the cupcakes, but haven’t been baking yet. I scrapped the idea of Limonchello for the Picnic with a Judge. It was just too much
  8. Mail out various care packages/presents I’ve been putting together.
    – Some! I’m still working on a few.
  9. Figure out Picnic with a Judge project calendar and get moving on it.
    – I have this sketched out in my head and am on top of the stuff. I don’t know that I’ll need to write it down. Yet.
  10. Mail Hangman back to BatGirl, Box Tops for Education to Ben, thank you notes and pen pal notes.
    – Yes, not yet, yes, and yes.
  11. Finish and mail out invites to Picnic with a Judge.
    – Done! Responses are coming in.
  12. Clean out closet/dresser
    – I made a dent 🙂
  13. Read a chapter a day.
    – It averaged out to be more than that because I finished a couple of books. I reviewed one here and have two more to do.
  14. Finish work projects early
    – I got what I needed to get done, done. There was a whole lot that I didn’t plan on, but I got it done.
  15. Hang out with that guy I like and make sure he knows how much I love him.
    – I hope I did this. I tried
  16. Go exploring with my big girl camera (or my point and shoot)
    – I took more pictures with my point and shoot, but didn’t get out with my big girl camera
  17. No crying at my sister’s graduation, C-Mac’s wedding, or Mehmere’s memorial service. Ok that last one I can have a few tears at, but nothing else.
    – No tears from this girl! It was all lovely, but I kept it together.
  18. Volunteer
    – Yep! Twice for American Cancer Society and logged some unpaid hours at the pool just helping out.
  19. See baseball and fireworks.
    – Not yet, but the season only started last week, when I wrote it I thought it started the week before it did.
  20. Laugh more. I haven’t laughed a lot this past month. Life isn’t that serious, I should enjoy it more.
    – There were a lot of laughs. Even when I thought I wouldn’t.

That’s it. Now to come up with what I want to do for July. How did you do?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to So long June, it was fun!

  1. Sue says:

    I almost made my fitness goal – almost. I didn’t lose any ground, and the scale said I lost more weight. I’m happy with that.

    I cleaned out a bunch of stuff from my closet.

    I volunteered my 5 hours – 4 were with Planned Parenthood, then I sat on an hour conference call for Girls Inc. Plus all the party planning stuff is also volunteer.

  2. Autumn says:

    Does mail out care packages/presents include “things Autumn has won off the blog?” 😉 Hee hee. Yay for cutting yourself slack when needed but YAY for all you accomplished!!!! Good job!

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