2012.5 is here

As I’m sure you know if you had rent due this week, it’s July 1st. (as I write this, it might be July 2 or even later by the time you read this, who knows.)

We’re halfway through the year. Did you know that? Yikes!

I didn’t do too badly with what I wanted to accomplish last month, but as I usually think about things I take on, I can do better.

This month I’d like to do the following: (Each item has a goal and a reach goal I’d like to get to)

  1. Finish 2 books and review. Reach: Three books and review
  2. Run 25 miles; Swim 2500 yards. Reach: 35 miles; swim 5000 yards
  3. Stay at or under points all but one day during the week. Take the other day off from tracking.
  4. Cupcakes and Chicken KaBobs for Sue’s birthday. Reach: That and an adult tasty beverage for all
  5. Design business cards for my sister in law. Reach: Design Thank you notes for Picnic with a Judge
  6. Have Little One for a weekend and have loads of fun. Reach: Take Little One and Em to the NEA
  7. Participate in Photo a Day in July. Reach: Um. Dunno.
  8. Clean out baking cabinets. Reach: Deep clean entire kitchen
  9. Make bathing suit wraps. Reach: Set up sewing machine and do another project
  10. Nails done all month. Reach: Make up too.

We’ll see how the month goes. What would you like to get done this month?



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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One Response to 2012.5 is here

  1. Sue says:


    Gotta add the .10 mile to my 30 minute workout.

    Volunteer 5 hours.

    $200 for my party. I’m confidant I’ll beat that.

    Go on one successful date. By successful, I mean I don’t kill someone. Or flee in tears.

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