WW check in #7

548725_10100402366057152_404938129_nLast week I checked in with some observations and lessons learned which was fun and was able to report a good chunk of weight lost. This week? I’m not so lucky. I gained weight from last week and am trying to reconcile that fact with the fact that clothes that didn’t really fit a year ago are fitting and looking much better overall these days.

As for the clothes fitting better, some them will be making it back into the rotation this week, some will require a little more work but that’s ok. It’s like shopping in my own closet!

Running is – going. I managed 11.72 miles last week according to the treadmill distances and the race on Saturday. (SCORE!) Even though it was hot, more hilly than I thought, and I stumbled, hurting my shin somehow which resulted in me puking on some guy’s front lawn (sorry Mister!) I finished the race and I only did it 5 min off what I had hoped for as a time. I’m taking it and counting it as a win.

I’m seeing some physical results of the hard work and enjoying them. (In my face, my shoulders and back and in my butt too! Also in weird places like my ear lobes. I never thought I’d look at them and think, “Hm, my ear lobes are smaller.” Go figure) I’m also enjoying that most days, I can feel it getting easier than it was the week before. I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it before I get bored or if I’ll not get bored with it ever, but for now I’m going to do it.

In other activities, I got a few yoga workouts in, a decent swim and a pole dancing class in for the other exercise last week. I’m not sure what this week’s activities will be, but I’m aiming for another 11 miles this week, have a dance class scheduled and hopefully will be able to sneak a swim in at least once this week.

This coming week I just want to focus on getting back to the better eating. This past week I indulged several days that even though I had points for, felt less than awesome after doing so. Back to the grid stone. I don’t have anything too difficult food wise on the schedule (like graduations, weddings or memorial activities…) so hopefully I can make this happen without too much stress!



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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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6 Responses to WW check in #7

  1. Robbie says:

    Sweetie – first of all you and your brother look FAB in that pic. Second of all – look how SKINNY your face has gotten. I scoped your pics from your very busy weekend and Girlfriend, you look amazing – such a difference since I saw you in January !!!!! Whatever you are doing you are doing it well – remember you are also turning fat into muscle when running and muscle weighs more – don’t concentrate so much on the number on the scale, concentrate on the way your clothes fit ! It’s true to fact 🙂 Love ya – keep up the good work, I may not recognize your skinny self at the picnic with a judge 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    You’re toning when you’re running, and building muscle. It makes perfect sense that your clothes are fitting better, even if the number on the scale doesn’t jive with those results. Concentrate on your fitness accomplishments; they mean more than the number staring back at you on the scale in the long run.

    Way to go! Told you this weekend – you should be beyond proud of and impressed with yourself. I know I am. 🙂

  3. First of all: “clothes that didn’t really fit a year ago are fitting and looking much better overall these days.” – that’s huge! And should be celebrated.

    And congrats on keeping up with the running. Good for you, girl!

    I’m laughing at the way you wrote about your smaller earlobes. That’s just too cute.

    Yoga, Swimming & Pole Dancing? Wowzah!

    keep up the great work doll!

  4. Eloides says:

    your articles are always awesome, and the design of your website helps to keep it beautiful.

    (Edited – website removed. This was spam)

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