Five on Friday – Force the Happy, Skip the Fight!

For various reasons and people pushing my buttons, I’m ready for a fight, but I don’t want to be ready for a fight so let’s talk about happy things. Here are five of the things that are making me insanely happy right now:

  1. This weekend is full of happy things: My dear friend C-Mac and his lovely lady are getting married, I’m running a 5k tomorrow that I hear has beer at the finish line, and Sunday I’m going to RI to say goodbye to Mehmere. The happy about that last part is seeing my family and wearing a pretty purple dress that she’d had loved
  2. If I run 2 miles today and finish the 5k tomorrow then I’ve run more than 11 miles this week. When I realized that, I cried. I can’t explain how proud of myself I am. I’m tearing up now thinking about it.
  3. Cherries and nectarines are delicious right now.
  4. This pretty lady RSVP’d to the Picnic with a Judge and she’s bringing her super fun daughter.
  5. Even if the number on the scale refused to budge this week, I was trying on clothes for the weekend and I’m fitting in skirts/dresses that were questionable last year.

Bonus: I’m going to start baking again as soon as the temperature breaks and I have some amazing sounding cupcakes to try to make for the Picnic with a Judge. Stay tuned!

How about you? What’s making you happy? Any good news to share? What are you doing this weekend?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Five on Friday – Force the Happy, Skip the Fight!

  1. Robbie says:

    My good news is that I got super excited when I booked my room for this beautiful woman’s picnic with a Judge – it seriously turned my mood around – I snuggled with Bray this morning, and Jess got a new job at a day care !!!!! This weekend I’m having an awesome yard sale and making me some money πŸ™‚

    Great Post Luv ! Thanks for the mention and keep up the good work – I might not recognize your thin self at the wedding πŸ™‚

  2. "He Said His Telephone Number Was 911" says:

    Have a great day with your 5K tomorrow. Beer at the end? Yes.

  3. Hooray for you!

    Also, my son got his very 1st job. So that’s what’s making me happy this weekend!

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