Weekly check in for Yoga Challenge #2

As part of my to do list for June I’m doing a Yoga Challenge and making myself Run more. How did it go?

Not entirely terrible. I managed 3 of 4 yoga workouts and ran 2 and a half times.

For yoga, here’s what I did and what I thought about it (I’m not being compensated for either of these, but if a company would like my thoughts, I could be happy to oblige.)

10 Minute Solutions: Yoga with Lara Hudson (Yoga Basics segment, let’s not get too crazy) – This seems like a good basic workout, I didn’t love the instructor, but it was solid instruction with a good flow. I’ll prob do this one again and more on the same dvd (via Netflix)

Crunch: Candlelight Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe – I really liked her from the first reference to Darth Vadar. She talked about breathing, but not in a new age-y kind of way, she talked through the program, but as someone who likes audible distractions it worked. I also liked that she wasn’t asking for perfection, she just wanted to you to try.

It was also relaxing. Yes, I just said it – relaxing. I don’t know what it was, maybe the harp and flute music in the background, but it was actually relaxing. Dare I say it was the first time I recall actually relaxing without the help of wine or whatever? It was.

I liked this one enough to do it twice and I’ll likely be doing it again.

I’ve noticed that I’m a little more flexible than I was last week and that’s progress there. I’ll keep working on it, I can almost touch my hands flat to the ground with straight legs.

As for the runs, I turned n decent times for the distance both times…at least decent for me and have been running through some hip pain. Well, I did until Thursday when I just decided I couldn’t. Hopefully, I”ll be able to get in another decent run this weekend and Monday.

There’s a race next weekend I’d like to run.


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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