friday afternoon haiku

can breathe at work now
super stress project turned in
thank goodness for that

small project left now
some edits and to then click send
have “fun” things left too


planning the wedding
mostly done, projects galore
are still to be done

i think they’re worth it
special things that make it
so very much “us”


got text from my aunt
to text her daughter’s new phone
my little pumpkin

seems she’s growing up
who said that was alright? no!
ok, i suppose


next weekend is filled
my sister’s graduation,
mehmere’s goodbye day

a dear friend’s wedding
emotional days for sure
but will be good days


all i’ve got for now
what do you have going on
share? haiku preferred



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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One Response to friday afternoon haiku

  1. Sue says:

    Father’s Day Sunday
    No baseball; what’s up with that?
    Messes up my gift.

    Glad it is Friday
    It has been that kind of week
    June full of work stress

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