Shades of Gray (This is not about the book, which I doubt I will read.)

I get so mad. So very mad. People are verbally attacked online, in person, for no other reason than they disagree with someone else’s opinion or experience.  I want to scream at them that “People the world is not black and white. Your opinion does not mean everyone’s is/was the same, nor does the fact that many or most have similar opinions mean that everyone’s will have them.”

I see the world in shades of gray with very little being absolutely right or wrong. Nothing is totally black and nothing comes close to being pure white. Blacks fade to gray in emergent circumstances or when justifications are offered, whites get dirty when you compromise your ideals. It’s not a cop out, it’s a reality.

I’m tired of the world thinking they’re right and the other they’re is wrong. We disagree on politics, religion, and a million other things but at the end of the day we’re all still people who have to live in this world. Can’t we be a little more kind to each other and respect each other a bit more?

I have a friend (Maybe don’t click on that link at work) (who I often disagree with but we manage just fine) that said it best.

It occurs to me that our problem is not disagreement… I’m speaking politically and governmental, I guess…but, as I look around, I do think it is that we disagree. I think our (America?) problem is that we cannot tolerate the other point of view.

Do I have my opinions? Of course I do and if you’re willing to discuss them with me in an adult manner or even politely, I’m happy to talk about anything you want.

I also respect that others will not agree with me. I respect that they have their opinions for their reasons and I don’t have to agree with them. I can shake my head, and think they’re crazy.  I might even think they’re wrong or stupid, but I won’t attack them because they are wrong or stupid (unless it’s a fundamentally incorrect argument or hypocritical opinion, I might then, more likely, I’ll just be nice about disagreeing).

They are actually entitled to their opinion, just as I am.

People, take a step back, if we can find some way to solve the situation at hand or come to a common ground without hating each other, well the worlds problems might just work out.  Come see the shades of gray with me.


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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8 Responses to Shades of Gray (This is not about the book, which I doubt I will read.)

  1. Sue says:

    I think we can be a little kinder to one another. It’s never a bad idea to try to see things from another point of view – or at least, acknowlege that the other point of view is as valid as yours.

  2. Absolutely FABULOUS post woman!

  3. Wondering what inspired this post… I definitely concur with your words!

  4. Great post. This is an issue with pride, I think. The world could use some more humility and understanding!

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