Listen up Grocery Baggers. Cut the crap.

Before I get started with this mini rant, let me state for the record that I dislike grocery shopping to start with and this is something that makes it that much worse. But seeing as I like food, grocery shopping is a necessary evil of life. 

Today I used my lunch break to run to the store to pick up some food for Frank and I and some supplies for a local program that puts together bags for hungry kids. (We donated several kits worth.) I was trying to do a good deed and my frustration and annoyance over rode any sort of good feeling that I got from doing my good deed.

What made me so grumpy? The grocery clerk/bagger.

I almost lost it on the lady, but managed not to just walk out of the store, cursing and telling them to just forget it. WTF lady. As BatGirl pointed out, it’s for the best too. I don’t want to be that person banned for losing my sh*t and yelling at the clerk/bagger . That said, seriously, how is this difficult?

I understand that most people don’t aspire to be the grocery store clerk/bagger and consider it to be a sucky job. I really do understand that they might have had their aspirations higher, its just a gig for some cash over the summer or after school, and that shifts can be long and frustrating. I also get that some of them have some sort of handicap or learning disability and this is what they can do. That’s cool. (Truthfully, the ones who fall into this category are generally the ones who get it right so I have no problems with them and think it’s fantastic that they are working.)  It’s the ones who I politely ask or have to request more than once that they do things a certain way to help me out and then they don’t do it.

Generally that request is as follows, “Please put as much in the bags as possible. I don’t want extra bags at home to throw away. And please put like foods together in the bags.”

Does that seem very difficult? I even put my food on the conveyer belt the way I want it bagged! (Cold items together, canned items together, fresh veggies/fruit together, dry items together etc.) I’m left scratching my head in a quasi bewilderment because invariably here’s what I get:

  • a bag with just 2 nectarines and a candy bar in it (Where did the candy bar come from? Must be Frank’s)
  • a separate bag with a loaf of bread in it (not all the bread or soft stuff, just one loaf)
  • a package of cheese in with the paper goods
  • Lysol toilet cleaner stuff in with the fruit
  • bananas in the bottom of the apple and pear bag
  • frozen veggies in with the cereal making the box wet/soggy or worse in with the flour or sugar
  • a gallon of something (bleach, juice, whatever) in double bags

Yes, I try to keep an eye on it is it goes and I will even be THAT person to rearrange them as I see fit if I get the chance. Sadly, I don’t always get the chance because I feel it necessary to keep an eye on the scanner thing for prices and double scans.

I really don’t get it. Have some pride in your work, do a good job and if a customer asks for something to be done (reasonably) just fricken do it.

What’s the most head scratching, WTF moment you’ve had with a grocery clerk/bagger?


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4 Responses to Listen up Grocery Baggers. Cut the crap.

  1. Sue says:

    Yet another compelling argument for eating out. 🙂

  2. WrigsMac says:

    The Hannaford I go to doesn’t have a lot of turnover so I know which baggers are good and which cashiers are quick. The best baggers tend to be people with enough life experience that they’ve had to carry groceries for more than 50 yards from car to house (OR have had to cart them on a bus, etc.). I used to have a weekly routine that started at the Troy Farmer’s Market and then ended at Hannaford early on Saturday mornings. There was always a cashier/bagger combo of the same two older women and I always got in their line. Typically I try to avoid lines with teenage baggers (I may be a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to grocery shopping).

    I try to remember my reusable bags because they can carry so much more than plastic bags (and hold greater weights), this helps with a number of bagging issues. I also put stuff on the conveyer belt in a logical fashion. I had a bagger once single-bag several large jars and a bunch of heavy canned goods. The bag busted before it even made it to my cart. Sometimes I get my stuff steamed in the seafood department and I’ve seen them try to bag hot steamers with a cold item. For real? Soft stuff with heavy or pointy stuff is another peeve.

  3. I also line things up in groups on the conveyor belt! hahaha…glad I’m not the only one!

  4. jpnadia says:

    I second the re-usable bags tip! Also, some grocery stores (Aldi’s, occasionally Price Chopper) let you bag your own groceries.

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