Thursday Three – I hope…

Today’s Thursday Three is about hopes I have for myself. Things I’m working on both long term and short term and  the other is about prayers I’m saying for something I have no control over.

Let’s be honest, sometimes Hope is the only thing you have left to hang onto when things are bad. While I’m not there right now, I’ve certainly been there and it’s helped me through. Sometimes you hold onto hope for big things, sometimes they’re little…but I have discovered that so long as I have it, I can get through it.

  1. I hope I can really pull off two new assignments that I’ve taken on at work. I should be ok to do them, but time will tell. One is an in house writing assignment that will be ongoing for the year and the other is about new products and marketing because lets face it, I work in public education and we need to figure out new money streams.  While my job does not depend on them, I’ve stepped up to take it on and I need to do a good job.
  2. I hope that I can bring my 2 mile run in under 26 min. I know that it’s not a good time now, but I’m down 10 seconds in 2 runs. Maybe today I can get it into the 25 min? I will try, I hope it works. I will just have to push myself harder.
  3. I hope that Nanny is on the recovery upswing. Her supplemental oxygen has been reduced and she seems to be getting stronger. Thank you for the prayers and kind thoughts. We feel very loved and fortunate to have so much support and love.

That’s it for now. What are your hopes today?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Thursday Three – I hope…

  1. Sue says:

    Lately, my hope is just to get from one minute to the next. If I string a whole bunch together, that’s a bonus.

    My hopes are little. Big hope is too much right this second. I’ll get there.

  2. I just hope I make it through the day sans an allergic reaction or crohn’s attack!

  3. PS: I like YOUR hopes much better. Wanna trade?

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