WW check in #4 – Better results to report and a plan for the next week

ww check in 4Last week we heard from Voice of Reason so it’s my turn again to check in with you. Last time I ran some numbers to help myself feel better about the fact that I didn’t lose anything and put it in perspective.

Today I get to report much happier results and that I’m only 1.2lbs away from having lost 10lbs! My goal for this week is to do so…and maybe hit my first official WW goal of 11.3lbs lost (which is 2.5lbs and a stretch)

I’m not worried about the first one, if stay away from the junk I ate this week (PMS crazy food, post race cheeseburger, and heart soothing ice cream when Nanny took a bad turn all on top of my allowable indulgences) I should be in good shape. The second one? That will take a little more work.

If you hang out around here, you might have seen a post over the weekend about the run from last week. I didn’t run Friday when my brain was begging me to put on my shoes and go, my hip argued against it and I also took Saturday and Sunday off  from running (but was in the pool both days). The rest was good and my hip is no longer crying.

Life willing, my plan for the week is as follows:

  • Run four times (min of 2 miles each time) (M/Tu/W/Th or F)
  • Swim twice.
  • Take 15 minutes and do a meal plan to follow for the week
  • Be kind and positive when thinking about my body. (Which is a post for another day, but I don’t want to write it until I’ve snapped out of it so that I’m not dwelling/fixating on how icky I feel about it right now)
  • Follow my meal plan, but if I’m really hungry, I need to eat.

Let’s see if I can do it. 2.5 lbs isn’t that much, just a little more focused and intense than before.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to WW check in #4 – Better results to report and a plan for the next week

  1. Sue says:

    Good for you! I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to keep positive about weight-loss. But you should know you’re awesome, and you look beautiful. 🙂

    If you put your mind to something, it’s doable – because you’re you.

  2. Oh yay! I am so happy for you! WOOOOOOOOT!

  3. alsfm says:

    That is Awesome news! You can so do 2.5- i will be cheering you on next week!

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