Fresh food delivered and I confess that spinach isn’t so bad.

20120427_1837502See those veggies in the photo there? They were dropped off just for me to an office near where I work.

We had an opportunity to join a program sort of like a CSA, but with more convenient sizing and delivery.

From what I can tell, this group, Field Goods , is a little different from a usual CSA because they source several different local farms for their product and they are able to bring it to more locations, thus making it it more convenient!

What are they? I’ll tell you.

  • Portobella Mushrooms (middle)
  • Microgreens Medley Mix (plastic container)
  • Pea shoots (behind the microgreens)
  • Spinach (not the baby stuff-I was a little nervous about having so much of this on hand, I historically don’t like it.)
  • Arugula (close to the dish soap)
  • Hydroponic lettuce (I think?)
  • Chives (front and center)

Also included but didn’t make the photo? Two apples the size of my head. Ok, maybe not the size of my head, but easily the size of  a soft ball. I ate one on the way to NYC and it took me most of the trip.

I’ve already gone through about half the bag since I got it Friday. What can I say? I love a good salad! (And made some balsamic portabellas to go on top of mine on Friday, more on that later)

Frank and I went with the smallest package available and as you can see, wow, holy bag of veggies Batman! You can also get a bread addition and herbs too, but we don’t eat a whole lot of bread.

I mentioned that I had all this delivered right to me near my office. It came from a place called Field Goods which works with small local farms in this area to bring fresh food to people.

From their About Page:

Our mission is to open the floodgates for the flow of fresh local food by delivering food of superior taste, freshness, and nutritional value to as many people as we can find and by being a very good partner to our farmers.

Our products have superior taste, freshness and nutrition thanks to the care and farming methods of our small farmers. Field Goods delivers (with delight) fresh local food to your Field Goods site. Our subscription products help you make a commitment to good health, good food and good works.

They deliver on Fridays, but a few days before that, they send you an email about what’s coming and what you can do with it if you’re not sure. Love it! (If you’re local and would like to see it, let me know and I’ll forward last weeks to you.)

We’re only a week in, but so far, so good. I’m hopeful that this summer will hold lots of fresh veggies, and new recipes (or new takes on old favorites!)

And by the way, the spinach? Actually not too bad. Maybe I just hate cooked spinach.


Field Goods did not compensate me for this post (in fact, I pay them weekly to bring me food) and the opinions are all mine (as usual). This is just me finding something cool and sharing it with you because as we know, Sharing is Caring.


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One Response to Fresh food delivered and I confess that spinach isn’t so bad.

  1. ashallann says:

    this looks amazing! I’m rushing to their site now to see if it works for where I am! Have you ever tried spinach smoothies?

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