Thursday Three – Search Terms (really, there are 10 of them)

I love Google and my Google-fu is strong. I also love seeing what others are Googling to get to this here little corner of the internet.

Lately, I’ve had some really good ones that leave me scratching my head in wonder. Wonder as to why people are looking for such things that is!

  1. good girl abs – as opposed to naughty girl abs? Or good boy abs?
  2. chicken, sausage pesto pizzait was delicious, I hope they enjoyed it too.
  3. paula deen in a bathing suit – why? just why?
  4. breastfeeding snuggies – um. I don’t even know what to say? Good luck?
  5. poconos joke – I KNEW this would be a hit.
  6. chocolate cupcake to make 16delicious, no?
  7. over weight and i need a bathing suite – would a regular shower do?
  8. фулл тилт на 16 апреля 2012 – apparently the day I published this, it was some sort of official Full Tilt poker day.
  9. nursing snuggie – I wonder if it was the same person looking for the breastfeeding snuggie
  10. happy new year to me – that’s right…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to whoever you were. I hope it was a great day.

There you have it. Google. It helps make me laugh. Hope you’re having a good Friday Eve Day!


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Thursday Three – Search Terms (really, there are 10 of them)

  1. jedimama says:

    Ha! While I did not do the search, I am pretty sure I am responsible for you coming up as a result for breastfeeding/nursing snuggies! I think I left a comment asking for them. You should make them, obviously there’s interest! 🙂

  2. Ahahahahahahhahaha

    paula deen in a bathing suit – why? just why?


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