Eat all the snacks!

Anyone who don’t want to read about whormones click here. Everyone else, you’ve been warned. Not graphic, but whiny about whormones.

Due to a fricken weird mess up with me and my pill pack (somehow I’m missing a full week of pills, I have no idea how) I got my period a full week early. On one hand, that’s great, I’m not knocked up (we want kids, but not yet) on the other hand, it messed with my weight loss tracking and makes me like a bottomless pit for food. I’m more or less legitimately inexplicably hungry.

Seriously. All I want to do is eat today and it’s all I can do to convince myself I don’t need to eat more food. Yes, sometimes I know I’m craving something just because but other times, my body thinks it’s actually hungry.  So far today I’ve had an apple, a pear, a BIG cup of coffee that had a half a cup of milk in it (easy way to get dairy), a frozen lunch, and a yogurt. Oh and a bottle of water.

I shouldn’t still be hungry…but I (think I) physically am. Not to worry I have the following options for snacks and bonus  points to burn for the week:

  • Whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and sliced berries
  • low fat popcorn
  • Two kinds of Luna Bars to choose from (They’re my fav.)
  • Another apple
  • Wasabi Soy Almonds
  • Cheezits
  • Dollars for the candy machine

As you can see, I am totally set…I just don’t want to ruin the good work I’ve done so far this week. I’m on track to report another semi decent loss for next week!

For now, I’ll have another glass of water and see if that helps before I eat something, but man I haven’t really done anything to be this hungry.

Ugh. Whoremones. Give me all the snacks!


Don’t forget about the iTunes gift card give away. Today’s the last day to enter. Frank draws when we get to the 100th post! Only one person has entered so far so you’ve got a good chance. No strings attached, just a little gift from me to one of you.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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