So many ideas, too many to decide…where to start?

Although I don’t plan on turning this into a “wedding blog”, I do have hopes that this space can grow and have crafting ideas, tips, techniquest etc. I have a few projects going on at any given time, but right now with 100 or so days to the Picnic with a Judge I have a lot of crafting to do.

I’m a DIY kind of girl, why pay someone else to do it when (TOOT TOOT) I’m pretty handy, fairly talented, and have a lot of good ideas. Time permitting I really prefer to do it myself.

I do have to be honest with myself and realistic though. I don’t have unlimited hours in a day any more. (How did it seem like I did before?) Between work, hanging out with that guy I like, my other work, household stuff and what not, I really don’t have the kind of time I used to. That said, because I enjoy it, I try to make time for it.

Priorities. Limitations. Wants. Needs. Wishes. Fun. Responsibilities. Balance is hard, yo.

I digress, back to crafting.

In my mind, I have an idea of what I want our Picnic with a Judge to look like. Specific colors, decorations, treats, and goodies. I know that I’ll have to let some of it go because even I, with my super human abilities, can not likely pull it all off, but what to let go?

As I go through, make the choices and craft away, I’ll keep you posted on some of the fun.


Don’t forget about the iTunes gift card give away. No one has entered so far so you’ve got a good chance. No strings attached, just a little gift from me to one of you.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to So many ideas, too many to decide…where to start?

  1. Sue says:

    If I’m counting right, this is 97. So I’m guessing #100 will go up Monday, April 23.

  2. Well, I think WITH “your super human abilities” – I have a feeling you WILL be able to pull off the best wedding ever!

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