Reading More: Full Tilt

As part of my 101 in 1,001 one of my assignments is to read new to me books. Preferably I’d like them to be books that I wouldn’t pick up on my own, but this time it was one that I’ve read a few times.

While I was sitting by the pool in Florida, I found Full Tilt in the basket of books left behind. I’m specifically talking about this one written by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes and not the young adult psychological thriller written by Neal Shusterman

I can’t even pretend to lie, there’s probably a reason this one was left behind. Evanovich and Hughes hit a sprinting, sliding, double with this one. (i.e. Not a home run) With characters they partially developed in Full House (which I found more enjoyable) they didn’t quite hit the nail on the head with this follow up. I won’t likely be seeking any more of these books out.

From Amazon:

Jamie Swift has one priority in quiet Beaumont, South Carolina: running the local newspaper. Romance runs second. But with the arrival of her silent partner, the notoriously mysterious and sexy Maximillian Holt, Jamie’s life gets shaken up. Max claims he’s here to give his brother-in-law a vote of confidence. A former wrestler, Frankie Fontana’s now taking his shots in the political ring. Beaumont could use a mayor with scruples, but what it gets is a crime-and what Jamie gets is a story that’s taking her for a ride on the wild side, complete with two assassins, a washed-up stripper, and an insane poacher. Between a spray of bullets and a fast getaway could it get any more romantic-or dangerous? Max and Jamie are betting their lives on a long shot.

It was cute and had funny moments, but it didn’t measure up to Full House and certainly didn’t measure up with the Stephanie Plum series. The writing wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as funny or as exciting as other efforts.

Did you read this? How about any of Evanovich’s other books? What did you think?


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2 Responses to Reading More: Full Tilt

  1. Sue says:

    I’ve read this. There are more Jamie Swift books, too – and I think I’ve read all of them. With just a few exceptions, if Janet Evanovich’s name is on it, I’ve read it. She makes me laugh out loud.

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