Reading More: Hunger Games

As part of my 101 in 1,001 one of my assignments is to read new to me books. Preferably I’d like them to be books that I wouldn’t pick up on my own.  Well, Mrs. Bix gave me Hunger Games to read while I was on vacation because she loved it and we have similar taste in books.

Do I need to recap the book? If you don’t know what it’s about, feel free to Google it. At this point you can probably find high-school term papers and illegal downloads of the movie too.

My thoughts on it? I thought it was well written and can see why people liked it a lot. I thought the characters you needed to know were pretty well developed and I enjoyed the twists, but truth be told, you could sort of see them coming. I imagine I enjoyed this more than I’d enjoy some other popular young adult novels – especially with the vampire themes but I didn’t find it to be the be all and end all that some people were touting it to be.

One of the interesting things I thought about while reading this Survivor meets 300 meets Truman Show story is that we as the reader are more or less like the people watching the Hunger Games. It left me feeling a little unsettled, but then again, I’m not one for reality entertainment and perhaps that’s playing into it.

My boss did bring up something that bothered him about the movie (and book) and while I can see this as being perturbing, I don’t know that there was a choice: (Paraphrasing) Why is everyone “Okay” with this going on? Children are fighting to the death for entertainment. How is this okay?

In my eyes, in a post apocalyptic world where this is the way it is at this time I can see them not liking it, but relying so much on the government for certain things that right now they aren’t in a position to protest it. I don’t recall now, but is there a punishment for a district not participating in the Games?

I’m looking forward to the second book. Did you read this book? Thoughts?


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4 Responses to Reading More: Hunger Games

  1. ashallann says:

    Great review, I bought the book awhile ago but just haven’t found the time to read it. I hadn’t thought about the reader being the viewer, that is creepy, now I have to read it.

  2. Voice of Reason (ALB Edition) says:

    I’ve read all three books. I enjoyed them… even though book 3 has a different feel to it. I do like your review of the book. I didn’t see myself as a viewer either when I read it… but I can see what he meant. However, can’t you say that about all books that we read? (Or especially the ones written in first person?)

    As for your question, the districts have no choice to participate. The tributes are automatically grabbed from the crowd and put in the building to be carted away. Also, the districts wants participants… especially winning ones because that means the districts get food & supplies for a year. Some of the districts take it to extreme by creating “Careers”.

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