March Challenge Recap

March really went very fast, but I think that part of it was vacation and the fact that it’s never long enough. In March I finished most of a really huge work project, got engaged, read 4 books, messed up a cupcake recipe and it turned out fabulous, had fun with family and friends and took some time for me.  (That said, lest you think I’ve got too much of myself together, my suitcase is still packed, my apartment is a mess, but since I want to go back to Daytona, it’s really ok for now. This week it gets cleaned up.)

I did ok on shopping for me, shopping for others might be a different story, but since I didn’t spend the money on me I consider it just fine. Besides I love finding things for others. 🙂 (I’m not buying more clothes in the size I wear now and the shoes I found were mostly ugly!). I was active when I could be even if was lugging heavy books from the law library, a few laps in the pool, a walk to get coffee or a dance party in my office. That said, a fall one of the first days in FL hindered a lot of the activity I wanted to do. I did wrap up several projects I had been working on and just have a few left!

I didn’t do as much of the Mad Abs March as I wanted to, but hey, I can do some this month, why not? I didn’t learn much about my new camera, but mostly that was because I was working too much before I left for FL and then didn’t take it with me. Oh well!

Even with what I didn’t get done, I’m calling March a win.

How was yours?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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  1. March was definitely a WIN for you!

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