Friday Quickie

Happy Friday! Who doesn’t like a quickie on a Friday afternoon?

Here are some quickies for you that I’ll write more about later:

  • Yes, Frank asked me to marry him. Yes, I said, “Yes.” Actually, I said, “I suppose so” and winked with a smile.
  • I’m diving head first into the WW thing and so far doing alright. I actually am struggling a bit to get more points eaten in a healthy way. With fruits and veggies being mostly “free” I’m going to have to start pairing them with something that has points.
  • Because of the above, I’ve been brainstorming delicious options for either fruit or veggies. Last night I made what might be my best idea ever. Totally simple, delicious so far…just need to see how it holds up after a couple of days. What would you say to a custard like item that was about 80 calories, 0g fat and 10 g of protein per half cup?
  • Because of the first item, we’re quickly working on ideas so we can hopefully get married this summer or fall. We’re not having a wedding, we’re having a “Party with a Judge”.
  • I’m looking forward to this weekend in a big way because DD and her hubs are coming into town with their little one that I haven’t met yet AND I get to see other friends for the Little One’s 4th Birthday! Yay, CAKE! (I’ve been saving my bonus WW points just for that and will get a work out in for a few more on Saturday too.)

Peace. Lunch with the boss to celebrate that first item.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Friday Quickie

  1. I am SOOOOO happy for the two of you! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

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