Thursday Three – Reasons I’m not totally awesome

I can embrace the fact that there are many some reasons that I’m more than less totally awesome. Some of them are inherent to my temperament and personality. Some were learned from my grandparents, parents and wonderful friends and family. Some are traits or things that I have worked hard on and I am proud of being able to claim.

And some make me feel like a borderline awful person. I know that I should work to change these things, I have tools to do so, but you know what? I just can’t bring myself to do it. Here are three of the things about myself that I feel I should change, but just can’t bring myself to really care more about:

  1. Sometimes I lack compassion. I’m mostly a compassionate person, but I can’t bring myself to feel bad or even really care all that much when people who habitually make shitty decisions, yet again, make a shitty decision and end up in a position they don’t want to be. Then they whine about it. Ugh. I want to shake them and say, “Stop making shitty decisions! You really do know better!” just so they stop whining.
  2. I have fantastic ideas and the best intent to follow through on them once I get started. I also have at any given time 5-10 ongoing craft/blog projects that may or may not get finished. Along those lines, “deadlines” really only exist if they involve someone else or extra cost for me.
  3. I’m “nice” to people I don’t actually like. That said, being nice to them? Either professionalism rearing it’s ugly head, keeping the peace or a means to an end. I’m not inviting them to hang out or seeking out extra time with them, I’m just civil when put together for other reasons or if they reach out to me, I do what I can without going out of my way. I don’t consider this to be two faced, I consider this to be polite.

There you have it. Three reasons (that I’m ok with and can accept about myself) that I’m not entirely awesome. How about you? What can  you own about yourself that makes you not totally awesome?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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7 Responses to Thursday Three – Reasons I’m not totally awesome

  1. I don’t think being nice to folks you aren’t a huge fan of is necessarily a bad thing. It may not be the most honest way to be, but there is something to be said for politeness and general courtesy, even when you could care less about making friends with the person. So there you go. I’ve cut your not-totally-awesome count down to two. And really, two ain’t so bad (which is only part of the reason why I love you oh so much).

    As for me, lordy lordy, don’t even want to think about all my semi-awful attributes. Today is Thursday, and I am kind of basking in the glory of tomorrow being Friday, and the next day being Saturday, when I will get to see lots of friends (you included)… so I’m just gonna think about fluffy clouds and sunshine..

    (ok, maybe one of my semi-awful attributes is that I have a tendency to NOT want to think about all my “issues” 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    I think you’re awesome. *shrugs*

    As for me…I am impatient, I lack will-power, and I sometimes overreact. I can be a little spoiled, and I sometimes laugh at other people’s fashion decisions.

  3. 1. I am selfish.
    2. I am lazy.
    3. I have little to NO patience.

  4. PS: I think you ARE 100% totally-super-awesome.

  5. BatGirl says:

    I totally agree with Dvora. I don’t think being polite/nice to people you don’t particularly like is a “less than awesome” thing. I think it’s the opposite. It says a lot to the character of someone to be able to interact in an adult way with someone they would rather not be around. Moreover, it’s a pretty necessary skill that can only help someone in the long run, both personally and professionally.

  6. Robbie says:

    Sorry about #1 – I’m trying to stop making shitty mistakes over and over again

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