BRB, well soonish.

I’m having a hard time with a bunch of stuff. I don’t want to get into it, but nothing I’ve started typing or saying is positive right now so I’m just not going to say anything.

I’ll be back when this passes. And it will. It (almost) always does.

I’m trying to focus on the good and be productive, but I’m struggling with that too. Me, Miss Optimism, See the Silver Lining in Everything, herself, is having a hard time finding the positive and that in turn is stressing me out.

So I’m taking a break from trying for right now.

Instead, please tell me something good. Tell me about a recent personal triumph. Tell me a joke. Tell me your favorite food. Just tell me something good please.

I’ll be back. Soonish.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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5 Responses to BRB, well soonish.

  1. Sue says:

    Coach is having an online sale today.

    If you’re up to it, we’re having sushi on Saturday – and I have the earrings you ordered!! Plus a card from me for my favorite Valentine date EVER (that’d be you).

    Whole grain tostitos are super-yummy, and an excellent alternative to the less-healthy corn version.

    I’ll be back when I think of more…

  2. Autumn says:

    My car problem from last night/this morning turned out to be no big deal (or at least it seems that way). That’s a bonus…although I can’t figure out why my car has decided to act like an angsty-teenager…

    I had both a Grande Cinnamon Dolche Latte AND A 20 oz coke all before noon today. Hello sugar rush/caffeine high.

    I got invited to a Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday…yes, it’s the day after, but still…exciting to me!

    Aaaaand saving the best for last…

    The brother celebrates 2 years of being sober in two days. AWESOME SAUCE for realz.

  3. "He Said His Telephone Number Was 911" says:

    An old man was driving down the Interstate at 22 miles per hour, never going faster or slower. A police officer noticed and followed him for a while, then pulled him over.

    Before the officer could even get to the car, the man was saying, “I was not speeding, the speed limit is 22 miles per hour and that is exactly what I was doing, I was not speeding.”

    The police officer said, “I didn’t pull you over for speeding, I pulled you over for going too slow.”

    “But the sign says 22.”

    The officer explained that he was on Interstate 22.

    As the man shook his head, the officer noticed that there were three older ladies in the back of the car. All of them were sitting with their mouths hanging open and spit drooling down the side. Their faces were very white and their hair was completely messy.

    The police officer leaned toward the man and asked, “What’s wrong with them?”

    “Well, we just came off Interstate 134.”

    Here’s to being positive and productive once again, I hope your funk is short lived.

  4. Dvora Koelling says:

    repeat after Emmy: “happy baby, happy baby, happy baby”

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