Good things 2017: Week 20


Long days ending in front of the fire pit.
I’m hopeful there will be more nights like this.

It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

Back on track to note good things from last week! Go me.

The meds adjustment seems to have me coming further out of the anxiety fog and while I have my moments, I’m feeling pretty good about stuff.

So here you go, from last week:

  • Swim kiddos continue to be great (and with a slight rearraging of classes, the groups work)
  • Mother’s day with Momma and Maggie.
  • New babies on the way for friends
  • Random ideas of presentations taking off.
  • Commissioned work. I tell you, it never gets old! (Still! This was a greeting card for a sibling and a piece using a wedding song that I’m still playing with)
  • Macys return policy
  • My return to the mat even if it’s not usual classes (Yoga with Adriene and this Cosmic Kids one is kind of fun!)
  • Not being recognized by a guy I used to date at the concert (or if he did, he didn’t acknowledge it. It could have gotten awkward quickly.)
  • Doing at least one thing a day that bring me mental peace
  • Some pretty sweet dance moves on the t-ball field
  • Embarrassingly positive comments on a photo on fb. (More on this later.)
  • Feeling loved
  • 4 more Saturdays of group lessons unless I want to cover
  • Largely less tears, anxious moments, and being able to reign it in when things get a little haywire.

Good reads:

Favorite Photo:


I have a thing for different colored veggies. I just want to try them all.

Favorite Song:

And a bonus song in loving memory of Chris Cornell…

Also please see this list from Rolling Stone of covers by Chris Cornell

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

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Survey Says! Which 90’s TV Charachter Are You?

90s tv show How boring. I mean she’s pretty and all, but I felt it was uninspired so I did it again… 90s tv show2


If you’d like to see yours, go here

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Coffee date


This didn’t actually capture the color of the sky, but the storm was insanely beautiful and intense.
My kind of storm.

How are you today? I’m currently sipping on regular Folgers with a scoop of hot fudge and some coconut creamer. It’s a nice little treat to jump start today.

What’s in  your cup?

Today is clearly going to be a 3 or 4 cup of coffee kind of day. Last night’s show was awesome but it went late because of the storm that blew through. And what a storm it was! Thunder, lightening, rain blowing sideways, orange sky. Man, I love a good storm. Momma doesn’t like it when I go out side in a storm so being under the cover in the balcony at SPAC last night was pretty much the next best thing. (Even inside we were pretty wet before it was done. Many thanks to E for bringing an extra poncho!)

Although I technically have a month before summer actually starts, it was a great night to kick off my summer. I’m terrible at doing “lists of things” (like bucket lists) but I’m thinking of loosely outlining some some summer to-dos based on this. Think of it as Court’s Summer Bucket List (#cssummertodolist).

One of the thing’s that’s been added is to download new music (or old favorites) with the stash of iTunes cards I found in my desk drawer. How did I not use them already? One of the albums I’m looking at is this Temple of the Dog. I don’t know if I never knew about it (How?!?) but now that I do, I must have it. (I listened to it on Amazon Prime this morning (G-dBless Amazon Prime) and I recognize a bunch of the stuff off it. What else should I be sure to download?  (Side note: Chris Cornell? Very sad. Can we please put the rest of the talent from that time in a bubble and keep them safe?)

So what’s new? Any exciting summer plans? Seriously, any new/old music for me? I’m also looking for running tunes.

What are you up to this weekend? I have a riveting schedule of Saturday at the pool (all day) and nothing on Sunday. Well, yoga class and maybe brunch, but nothing much other than that. I think I’m going to catch a t-Ball game after work though and that should be fun. I’m hoping the concession stand has lolly pops.

Whatever you do this weekend, please have a wonderful time, find smiles, and laughs.

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Thursday Three: Things I’m looking forward to this summer

2017-05-17_01-06-59It’s getting mighty warm around here. Today is supposed to get to the high-80s which pleases me because I’m going with a friend to see Brad Paisley tonight! (It’s May in Upstate NY, it could be cold and rainy, but it’s not tongiht!)

Can’t wait.

Ellie is a great concert date. We saw Toby Keith last summer so when she asked if I wanted to get the Country Mega Ticket (and it was on sale) I jumped at the chance for 3 girls nights out with her. (They’re lawn tickets so if you want to join us, just let me know!)

Summer around here brings some pretty awesome things including ice cream places and decks opening, live music, sipping adult beverages in the sunshine by the creek, lake, or pool, bonfires, grilled foods, star gazing, (legitimate) flip flop weather, water fights, and more.

While there’s a lot I love about winter (snowfall, curling up in front of the fire, hot chocolate, extra layers of clothes, crock pot cooking, “comfort” foods, etc) the summer brings certain delights and special moments too.

Three things I’m specifically looking forward to this summer are:

  1. Concerts! I have tickets to the following already: Brad Paisley, Florida Georgia Line, Matchbox 20 & Counting Crows, Luke Bryant, and Alabama Shakes. I’m thinking about Straight No Chaser & Postmodern Jukebox, Willie Nelson, and Old Crow Medicine Show. Maybe a few others I can’t think of at the moment.
  2. Summer off of Saturdays at the pool (well this is my current plan) I’ll fill in here and there and teach a few private lessons, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve done this and I think it’s time.
  3. Sitting by the water or in my “tree house”. Cold drink in one hand, book in another, Pandora playing…Right now that sounds amazing. Just have to suss out the non-work bathing suit situation.

That’s just a little bit of what I hope the summer brings. What are you looking forward to this summer?

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#AtoZChallenge: U

u is for until
is what it is til it’s not
something marks the end

this is how it is
but you see when x happens?
it is no longer

i can’t run until
reach a particular weight
but maybe i could?

can’t sell house until
a few projects are finished
but could take less cash

another verse here
until realized it’s not fair
not just my story

can’t leave job until
ducks in a row; loose ends tied
but man i day dream

we all have our lines
marking the end of what was
or the start of new

what until are you
waiting to end or to start
right now, mine’s the house.

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Good things 2017: Week um, lately?

Fotor_149387035008849It’s important to remember the things that are good in life. It reminds me how blessed I really am and also helps to ease the sting of the bad. I’m incredibly lucky, there’s more good than bad (Knockonwood!) and I want to document how thankful I am for it.

I might have been having a hard time, but there have been some really good things and moments to smile about. Here are some of the more memorable recent things that have made me smile so far in 2017:

  • A great group of swim kiddos (and only 4 more weeks after this one)
  • Momma being back from FL
  • New babies on the way for friends
  • Hole in the wall Mexican joints with really great margaritas
  • Presentation series being over and done with
  • Commissioned work. I tell you, it never gets old! (Still!)
  • Lunch to catch up with my former boss. She’s wonderful.
  • Reasons to buy pretty new shoes
  • Doc’s orders to get back to yoga practice (kick in the ass I needed)
  • Fresh veggies
  • Doing things that bring me mental peace
  • Concert tickets through the end of the summer
  • Dinner with Daddy-O
  • Seeing BNL live.
  • Seeing old friends unexpectedly and huge hugs
  • Pretty nail polish
  • Throwing things away.

Good reads:

I don’t recall a whole lot of good reads so we’ll skip this for now.

Favorite Photo:

Favorite Song:
Anything by Lily Kershaw lately.

How have you been? What made you smile? Tell me about one of your successes? Read anything good this week?

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Survey Says! A beautiful note about moi!

a note about courtney

If you can’t read that, it says
“She is beautiful inside and out. The way she thinks, the way she talks about something she loves and her ability to make others smile even when she’s going through a storm on the inside – all of it makes her wonderful. Her looks may fade but what will remain forever is her beautiful soul.

You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress. This note perfectly describes your way of life and it is beautiful.”

If you want to read a beautiful note about you, click here.

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Coffee date


Doc suggested I do more of what I feel peaceful doing so I did some baking.

Hi! Thanks for joining me for some coffee today. Would you like a muffin? It’s one of these but with cinnamon chips.

What’s in your cup?

I’m pleased there is still chocolate donut coffee at work. Sometimes there isn’t and those can be sad days.

I have some tentatively good news to report. Last week I went to my docs to see if my thyroid meds needed to be adjusted because I just was feeling so mentally terrible, my hair was falling out again, my skin was a mess again, and my sleep was all screwed up. (More than normal.) Yes, I’ve been stressed out, but it felt like more.

My doctor is wonderful and knows that ball of anxiety one trip and fall from going off the cliff isn’t actually ME. She looked at my labs from last fall and asked if I brought up some of the concerns with the person I saw while she was on maternity leave. I told her I had and she got visibly annoyed. Turns out my thyroid meds should have been adjusted then.

She adjusted them to start the next day and knock on wood, each day, I’m feeling more and more like myself.  She also ran more labs to see if they will need to be adjusted further. Now if my hair would grow back, that’d be great.

(It’s not just that simple, but I have a game plan for the other stuff like weight gain and blood pressure. Including obeying her order to get back to the mat and treadmill.)

In a bit of sad news, I said goodbye to my swim team this week. I’m finding it necessary to cut back on things; stepping back for my health and sanity. (Also the session was over, I didn’t just leave in the middle.) I’m keeping certain lessons because I adore the kiddos and the classes I am teaching have the sweetest kids you’ve ever met.

If this is my last session doing more than filling in and teaching private lessons, it’ll be a good one to go out on.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my extra “free” time. But I’m sure I’ll find something…like yoga, crafting, baking, get the house ready to sell, etc. Who knows?

What are you up to?


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#AtoZChallenge: T


This has nothing to do with trying other than me working on finding beauty in something every day.

t is for trying
today i will try my best
and do the right thing

eat “right”, be active
be focused and productive,
kind to all i meet

if i fail today?
will try to be kind to me
try more tomorrow

will try something new
that i haven’t tried before
what? i do not know

but something i know
trying can be so trying
but i won’t give up


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#AtoZChallenge: S


s is also for my friend sammi

s is for yes, still
i am still here; just been weird
sometimes get that way

still plugging along
sorting things out as i go
i am still trying

trying to be me
not who others want from me
still just me, you see

sometimes that’s messy,
frazzled, anxious, sort tempered
not always best self

other times awesome
calm, creative, patient, kind
this? who i aim for

sometimes i fall short
not my very best self, but?
still am who i am

bubbly happy girl?
still there, some ways happier
others not as much

still working on fix
but it won’t be overnight
practicing patience

didn’t have to make before
makes bigger challenge

still looking for good
thanking universe for smiles
see them every day

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