JG participates in #julyoga and here’s what she has to say about it

JG has joined us for #julyoga and she sent me this handy flow chart that you might find helpful. She and I do love a good flow chart :) Who knew there were so many types of yoga? Not I, that’s for sure. Anyway, she was great and answered a few questions for me.


(to make the chart bigger, you can click here)

1) What drew you to yoga?
Initially, as an alternative form of exercise (my roommate had an Ali MacGraw yoga video and I thought, why not?). Then there was this follow-along TV show on the Oxygen network called Inhale, which was insanely difficult, and even though I failed miserably at keeping up, no one could see me, so I kept trying. I liked that it was a good cardio and strength workout, without being hard on the joints like running. I could do it at home no matter the weather or time of day, and all I needed was a mat and an open mind.

2) How long have you been doing yoga?
Sporadically since 1998, more regularly via videos since 2003, in a class since 2008.

3) How often do you practice outside of #julyoga?
Once a week in a lunchtime class, plus occasionally in the mornings or evenings.

4) Do you like yoga or tolerate it? Why?
I like yoga a lot. I like how many different forms and levels and depths there are. I like that it can be both calming and invigorating, meditative and sweat-inducing, spiritual and physical, mind-focusing and mind-expanding, a link to the past and connection with others now. See also #1 above.

5) Did anything about yoga surprise you? If so, what?
That it’s not just for hippies, Californians, celebrities and/or Hindus, and it’s not just for the double-jointed, acrobatic, and/or athletic.

6) What brought you to #julyoga?
My colleague next door. ;-)

7) What do you hope to get out of #julyoga?
To create and maintain a more regular yoga practice.

8) Do you have a favorite type of yoga? If so what?
Not really; it depends on my mood. There are too many types of yoga out there for me to keep track of, so I don’t usually pay too much attention to the type. When I take a class or do a video, I look at the description and choose depending on what I feel like doing. When I get into a daily morning yoga groove, it is a few rounds of classic Sun Salutations, and/or a series of five exercises called The Five Tibetans. [Edited: J says that the first time you do one of each so "1 x spin", "1 x leg lifts", "1 x camel", "1 x staff to table", and "1 x up dog-down dog" and then the second day you do 3x of each instead of one. The goal is to build up to 21 x of each. Here's a video I found.]

9) What’s your favorite yoga position or action? Why?
It’s a tie between Child’s Pose after a long Downward Dog (ahh, grateful relief), and a nice long Pigeon Pose (to stretch tight hip muscles after sitting too long).

10) What would you like others to know about yoga?
There’s a big world of yoga out there, and there’s probably a style or teacher to suit your needs. [Edited: See chart! Seriously!] I strive to better myself, and I know that there’s always room for improvement, but I don’t try to force my body to do what it resists. Just breathe, and try again next time.

Thanks JG! If anyone has any questions leave them below or send them to me and I’ll make sure she gets them.

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more friday-kus

sad moneypuppypaid first mortgage bill
thought i’d feel all adult like
really just feel poor


king james made choice
he’s going back to cleveland
who possibly cares?

when i hear “king james”
i think of the bible dude
cleveland needs bibles?


my office is cold
really, really fricken cold
turn fingers blue cold

outside? oh outside
the wall of heat that hits you
truly delicious

until start sweating
then it’s just gross; want AC
can’t have it both ways!


this weekend might have
too many plans, i’m tired!
will be fun, i’m sure

going to jersey
to hang with robbie et al
and do a mud run

hockey joe’s in town
hope i get to see him too
it’s been far too long

sunday we will paint
furniture, trim, touch ups
we’re in the home stretch!

how about you? big plans?
feel free to write me a ‘ku
whatever today

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What kind of blog post title is that? Just, “Salad.” I could have titled this post many other things with snazzy adjectives, a play on words, or an amusing alliteration, but I didn’t because, well, it’s just salad.

But it isn’t.

Salad can be (and to me, usually is) interesting. It’s an opportunity to blend new flavors and/or textures, to get nutrients you need, and use up left overs. Sure people are opposed to “eating rabbit food”, to the texture of lettuce, or raw vegetables in general, but it doesn’t have to be a boring or miserable experience.

In my mind, salad is a base, toppings or add-ins, and a dressing. Just what those bases, toppings, add-ins, or dressings are? Basically unlimited.

saladWhen I think about salads, (What? You don’t?) I generally think of the one that has been prepared at Nanny & Pops house for my entire life: lettuce, carrots, red peppers, green peppers, cucumbers, banana pepper rings, tomatoes, onions big enough to pick out, white vinegar, whatever oil was handy, salt and pepper. A good, solid, vegetable based dish. Usually it was a leafy lettuce that I remember, but not always.

Daddy-O’s salads are made with iceberg lettuce, carrots, radishes, cheese and pepperoni, green olives and Italian dressing. Momma’s salads are of a dark leafy lettuce, red onion or chives, sometimes garlic stuffed olives, hard boiled eggs, and either bleu cheese or Greek or a Romano cheese Italian dressing. Frank doesn’t like salad.

Me? I make big salads. If it’s a vegetable I like, it gets added to the salad. Grains, meat, hard-boiled eggs, crasins, basil, mushrooms, etc? It’s all fair game in my mind. My only requirement is that it can’t be wilted or limp and has to taste good with my dressing of choice.

If I’m making it for a bunch of people, I put the base in a big bowl and then put the add-ins in their own little bowl so people can have what they want and they don’t have to pick stuff out.

Other salads I might bring with me if you ask? Ambrosia, pasta (which is different from macaroni ), antipasto (keep your anchovies, thanks!), German potato salad, tuna or chicken salad, broccoli, bean, or fruit salad.

Why am I talking about salads today? Who knows? It might have been the one I had last night at 10pm for a snack after I finished painting trim for the night but before yoga, or the fact that Daddy-O was telling me about the wonderful Greek one he had yesterday and that I would like to have today. You never really know where inspiration truly comes from.

So yeah. Salad. What do you put in your ideal salad?

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And then I missed a day of #julyoga

If you follow me on twitter or we’re friends on facebook, you might have noticed that I didn’t report my yoga activity for last night. I didn’t forget to report it, I just didn’t do yoga.

In a sense I feel that I failed July’s Challenge but in a sense I didn’t and that part might be more important.

Hear me out.

Every yoga instructor I’ve met, whether via in person class or through a video has said the same thing. (And I’m not talking about lengthening through your finger tips or standing strong which is a post for a different day.) The keep saying to listen to your body and make adjustments as you go. Not to do things if it hurts. Modify the pose so you can do it and then try to push a little more.

Well, last night’s modification to my challenge came from the fact that my shoulders were sore and didn’t want anything to do with  moving any more than they had to and my body wanted to sleep. So instead of forcing myself to get up and do yoga last night, I let myself drift off and get some sleep.

I feel a little guilty that I’m encouraging people to do yoga every day when I only got to the end of week one before I missed one, but I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t listen to my body or fight sleep too long that it ends up being worse in the long run.

One of the instructors I liked very much said that yoga is about the practice, not perfection. Last night I practiced listening to my body (something I’m admittedly not good at generally speaking) instead of racking up a “perfect” score for this challenge.

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This is not a holiday weekend recap

Although I sometimes enjoy a good holiday weekend recap, I am sometimes left wondering why people bother writing detailed posts about their weekend in general. I do not begrudge them the opportunity to share what I’m absolutely sure was their “best weekend ever!” but unless something truly awesome happens or it was really one for the books I’m not inclined (anymore) to read a recap.

I don’t usually write them either, but I will tell you about the highlights from my weekend though because I think they’re moments that we can universally say were really good things.

  • Thursday I had great swimming lessons and then I got Five Guys. I really just wanted the french fries, but the burger was pretty good too. Five Guys french fries with a friend is a great thing.
  • Friday I didn’t go to work. Daddy-O came over for a bit and painted during the day, Sue came over for cheese chips and ice cream. Also, I already mentioned it, but I fixed my laptop (best I can tell so far). I hasn’t yet crapped out on my while listening to Pandora and editing photos and having facebook opened yet. (Knock on wood we’re good for a bit.) Turning a frustrating, hijacked day around is awesome. Having a day off from work is wonderful. Hanging out with a good friend is fantastic.
  • D’Lovely, Em and O came to meet me at the pool when I was done and we played in the park. It wasn’t the easiest day at the pool but seeing them cheered me up like you wouldn’t believe. O can now say my name and he said, “I luhoo Cookie” (I don’t know how to type how he says my name, but it sounds a lot like “cookie”. Em was quite delightful telling me stories and swinging SO! HIGH! “Higher Courtney! Higher!”. Good friends with surprises is wonderful. Hearing one of your favorite munchkins say your name and that he loves you is heart melting.
  • Frank came home and I got a hug. I missed him. Having that guy I like home is really awesome.
  • BBQ with lovely friends. I don’t need to tell you how nice this is!

So it wasn’t exciting, but my weekend had super nice things. How was yours?

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Today…It wasn’t what I expected or hoped for, but it worked out

Today got hijacked by a uncooperative laptop and crappy weather. It ended up working out alright because Sue and I made cheese chips w/ salsa, but I didn’t get anything close to what I wanted to get done completed.

Instead, I took my laptop apart, replaced the thermal goo and put it back together.

Not sure if it was brave or stupid. It’s a fine line you know.


Taking it apart


Before goo


Reconnecting the Wi-Fi. It's important


A billion tiny screws. Half a dozen left over isn't too bad...


Done! Pandora works again

Its back together and it worked so at least I didn’t make it worse. That’s a win, right?

I suppose I should start looking for a new one. I can only do so much design stuff from my tablet.

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Thursday Three – Things I’m curious about

I don’t know about you, but I’m a curious sort. I wonder about a lot of things, some heavy, some not so much.

Today I’m sharing some of the not so much…

  1. Why do some bloggers have most of their photos taken tucking their hair behind their ear and/or with their eyes closed.
  2. Do anti-vaxxers get their pers their shots?
  3. The Plexus Slim stuff is a placebo, right? If you drink a crap ton of water, high protein breakfasts, eat better snacks, check-in often and exercise, you’ll likely lose weight, right? If I’m going to spend $100+ a month to lose weight it’ll be on some chiseled Adonis who’s making me sweat for it.

What are you curious about today?

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It’s a holiday weekend and I’m not leaving town.


Nothing to do with this post, but I had a visitor this morning

An update to yesterday’s post. I got my yoga in (Power Yoga w/ Heath House on Sportskool) and the wall has been quiet last night so Daddy-O thinks it left because of the banging on the wall or sonic things or well, is no longer able to annoy me.

With Frank headed out of town for the weekend I’ll be left to my own devices for food and entertainment. This doesn’t differ much from the norm and I have nothing too exciting planned but I’m left wondering what I’ll actually do while he’s gone.  (Other than work. I have to work Thursday at both jobs and Saturday at the pool.)

Last time Frank left me I had a girls night, but with the holiday a lot of people already have plans or will be out of town. I can certainly make pizza and do crafts by myself but it seems like a lot of trouble just for me right now.  Besides, most of my craft stuff is still in boxes and not easy to get to in the garage.

I actually have a to do list for myself that includes doing yoga, painting walls and a dresser, making curtains and a new skirt/dress for me, painting more trim, and not freaking out about every little sound that I hear.  (Which could be a job in itself!)

I could even add to that list some 20/10s of putting away/cleaning if I’m feeling sassy about life. Meals will be super exciting as well. I’m sure of it. I have several boxes of cereal, salad fixings and peanut butter and jelly.  (I’m only sort of kidding. when I lived alone, I rarely cooked an actual meal.)

The life of a “bachelorette”. I’ve got this covered!

Although I’m not feeling overly rushed to get much of my to-do list done, I don’t want to feel like I accomplished nothing during this long weekend. What I’ll likely do is paint Friday morning, take Sue up on her offer to sit pool side Friday, paint more Friday night, and maybe find some fireworks to watch. Then I have early work on Saturday and nothing much planned for the rest of that day other than to come up with some special treat for a bbq I’m headed to on Sunday.

I’m exciting. I know. Wild even. Can you live at this speed?

Do you have big plans this weekend? When you’re on your own for food, what do you usually have? If I was coming to your bbq, what dessert would you like me to bring?

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THIS! And I overslept on the first day of #julyoga

I meant to get up early today to start the day with our first day of #julyoga, but I didn’t because sleep isn’t being kind to me at the moment. I actually know what the problem is though!

ghost v mouseWe seem to have (what we hope is just) a mouse living in one of the walls. Since I can hear it moving around, I’m a little freaked out. If you guessed that rustling in the night and being freaked out leads to crappy sleep, well you’d be right and earn yourself a gold star.

We picked up some traps (so far nothing) and some sonic things for the outlets that came recommended by a few friends who live out in the sticks and deal with this often. Daddy-O is coming over after work to check it out and see what else we can do. These things happen, but I wish it wasn’t a rodent. I hate rodents. Blech.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s really just a benevolent ghost, but no one else thinks that’s preferable. Silly people.

Speaking of silly people. The other day a mom brought her newborn baby to the pool. It’s not common because who wants to bring a newborn to the pool? It’s humid, generally hot, and the air quality is pretty awful. That said, I’ve seen it before. Usually they hang out in their car seat/carriers and sleep. Sometimes they’re awake. You know what they’re not usually doing? SPLASHING IN THE POOL.

Sunday some silly lady had her newborn in the pool with her, her husband(?), and other splashing kiddos. I personally think this is a terrible idea. Most of the world agrees with me but without signage to back us up and an already Negative Nelly of a patron, we didn’t say anything. (Sometimes you choose your battles on the pool deck.) Someone else did though! The woman was really unhappy saying that her pediatrician said it was okay and no one said anything to her before blah blah blah.

Lady. Your kid is like six weeks old. She shouldn’t be in the pool… capisce?

Anyway. Hopefully tonight I’ll have a little bit better of a time sleeping so I don’t make silly choices like the pool lady. At the very least I’m going to get a yoga video in for today. Are you?


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Frank said…#85


This is part of the Frank said feature. You can see more here.

We have no idea what the context was or why he would say it, but I found this gem in my drafts so I’m sharing it today. You’re welcome.

Frank: Look at me, do I look like I know how to make sperm?

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