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Swamped. Drowning. I have an entire ream of paper left to read…

But the surface/end is in sight. I have a bunch to do before I can return and this is most if it. I’ll be back soon. Ish.

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1461 days

Four years ago today I anxiously waited for a train to get in from Chicago. It had a guy I’d been talking to for awhile on it. I knew two things – I was excited to meet him and I … Continue reading

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The last 24 hours by the numbers

Drove through a storm twice. Still so tired. Feeling crappy. Posting from my phone. Brother of mine is stateside. I’m home again. Now you’re caught up. Miles travelled – Approx. 450 Bags of peanut butter chocolate popcorn consumed – Just … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Main objectives for 2014

I was chatting with BatGirl earlier today about what we wanted for ourselves this year. It struck me that most of what I’d like to get done/do/be can be summed up into three points: Peace Simplicity Joy Now how to … Continue reading

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One day in, no goals yet

(Pic is from a post card I got. It’s by R. Hammega Art Unlimited) I sort of want my 2014 to be as much fun as this kid was likely having. 2013 had a few more than I’d like rough … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I spent a lovely evening with some dear friends, lots of food, even more laughs, and love. I still haven’t been able to put together my thoughts for next year…maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Maybe I don’t need to? Shrug, too … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas.

I’ve had a lovely time visiting family, genetic and generic alike over the last couple of days. I hope you have too. If you haven’t, I hope you’ve found lively moments in your not awesone days. A few photos from … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2013…

Forever, as in as long as I’ve been alive, we’ve gone to my mom’s family Christmas Eve. Lots of people, noise, love, food, noise, food, love…I think you get the idea. It was a big crazy hullabaloo and we’d return … Continue reading

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Today was much better than yesterday

Not to jinx anything, but today was much betrer than yesterday. I’m not supposed to publicly talk about specifics regarding yesterday’s potential blow, but it involves work issues mostly out of our control. Not to worry, I have a job … Continue reading

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I might be done with winter.

Growing up I was a major winter girl. I loved snow, skiing, sledding, warm sweaters, cuddling, you know, everything winter entails. I still love all that but it was more fun when I didnt have to work all the time. … Continue reading

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