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Lyrically, Court, Court pumpkin eater doesn’t really work, but I’m going to eat it anyway!

I haven’t been making anything exciting lately but I do have high hopes for what I’m thinking of making tonight. If it goes well, I’ll share next week. It’s not complicated or even all that creative or difficult, but for … Continue reading

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I don’t have anything I’ve recently made for you to see, but here’s a look at what I want to make soon…

If you were hoping for something tasty I’ve made recently, I’m sorry to say, you’re out of luck. Mostly we’re eating a whole lot of well loved but repeat dishes. I just haven’t felt like getting creative or finding something … Continue reading

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Monday I mentioned that I had made home made cherry chocolate chip ice cream (which was totally delicious if I do say so myself) and I received a few messages asking how I did such a thing on top of … Continue reading

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Veggies on the grill: Red peppers

I wanted to title this post “Grillin’ it and grillin’ it and grillin’ it good”, but something in my gut told me not to do so. Not sure why, but I’ve tagged it that way instead. Anyway! I was thinking … Continue reading

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Stuffing waffles, one of Pinterest’s top 10 ideas

Have you ever looked at Pinterest and thought, “No way, that won’t work, but man that would be cool!” I often do. I can’t link the specific pin because I’m writing this on my phone, but I have faith you … Continue reading

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Traditional Thanksgiving Chex Mix

Growing up, I spent most Thanksgivings in Boston visiting family and generally having a good time. My aunt often made, and lately it’s been a staple, homemade Chex Mix. I’ve been missing my family lately, especially the last few days … Continue reading

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Steel cut oats are your blank canvass and you are the artist

For all the breakfast foods I love to eat and make, I don’t really like breakfast in the morning. I’m just not ready to eat when I get up in the morning. If I do, it doesn’t sit well or … Continue reading

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Pizza and Pinterest Party

I haven’t made anything new this week to share with you so I can’t share what I have made. You’re always welcome to check out the Compilation of Yum,, though, for inspiration. Just looking at the list I want to … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Random thoughts I had today

Yet again, my day has escaped me! I did want to pop in thought and say hello and share five thoughts I had today. Heads up. They’re random. My lunch was really pretty. (As is my lunch date who was … Continue reading

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Oh My Goodness Gluten Free Gouda Mac and Cheese

So I didn’t get a photo of this one, I’m sorry. You know what homemade mac and cheese looks like? Think of that. Frank and I are huge fans of gouda cheese and there is almost some in our fridge. … Continue reading

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