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#12×30 Challenge – February

Sometimes I think I don’t have enough to keep tabs on and need a little something extra to challenge myself with in life. Kym and Jennhave put together a 12×30 Challenge and it has some interesting things on it for … Continue reading

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Thursday Three – Main objectives for 2014

I was chatting with BatGirl earlier today about what we wanted for ourselves this year. It struck me that most of what I’d like to get done/do/be can be summed up into three points: Peace Simplicity Joy Now how to … Continue reading

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A yoga class for everyone! My ass.

Yesterday, Ms.MS and I realized I only had to teach one swim class tonight and that we could make the 6:45 class if she threw my mat down for me. As she says, “Done and done.” I’d never met this … Continue reading

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Today was much better than yesterday

Not to jinx anything, but today was much betrer than yesterday. I’m not supposed to publicly talk about specifics regarding yesterday’s potential blow, but it involves work issues mostly out of our control. Not to worry, I have a job … Continue reading

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Me and the mat…

As part of the Doing Things Differently, I’m working at upping my activity level. Let me tell you between the still having random trouble with my foot and a monster cold, I’m still not where I want to be. Running … Continue reading

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It’s been 60 days (mostly) gluten free. To answer a few questions I’ve been asked…

So today marks 60 days that I’ve been (mostly) gluten free and truth be told it’s been great. It’s not overly difficult still and the only thing I really miss is Rye Bread. I’ve had some questions from family, friends, … Continue reading

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Doing things Differently

Meleah has kickstarted her Doing Things Differently group and inspired us to get our butts in gear. I figure, there’s always something in my life I feel I can do better so I’m going to sort out just what and … Continue reading

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Good things post postponed, got an owie

And with that last week’s outfits too. Still feeling crappy after a kitchen accident slicing apples to dehydrate to send to my bro, a trip to the ER, and passing out when the blood sprayed from my finger. The color … Continue reading

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Back to school, er work outfit

I think somewhere, deep down I was meant to be a teacher. I’m not talking about ability to actually teach or the ability to deal with most age groups of kids but something all together very teacher like. See, I … Continue reading

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Hi September, You have the potential to be awesome. Please don’t kick my butt too hard

First things first, I’m pretty excited that September is here because it brings fun things like Dunkin Donut’s pumpkin donuts and iced coffee. It brings birthdays for friends, friends visiting, a wedding anniversary, a new baby, apple picking and more. … Continue reading

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